Ayla empowers social enterprises

Ayla is a consultancy for social enterprises – ventures that simultaneously address social and environmental challenges and create economic value.

At Ayla, we offer a suite of services for social enterprises, be they non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid.


Appreciating the needs specific to social enterprises, Ayla does visual identity development; brand and market analysis; web design and development; information graphics; communications planning; editing and copywriting; and project management.

Robust Branding

Through the use of strategic foresight methods, Ayla helps social enterprises anticipate alternative futures of their business environments and cultivate brands that are robust against environmental changes stemming from new technologies, target groups, competitors, partners, and trends.

Business Model Innovation

With Ayla, social enterprises can enhance their business models. We not only design innovation processes together with our clients; we walk them through implementation and promote learning processes to actually create sustainable, measurable social impact.

Digitalization Planning

Ayla identifies and implements digital solutions that boost an organization’s core processes, like user-friendly collaboration platforms or systems for content management, project management, and customer relations management.

Social Impact Assessment

Ayla performs rigorous impact assessments, providing organizations with actionable insights that enable them to improve their investment portfolios, products, and services and to generate a stronger social impact.

Johannes Gabriel


Johannes is founder and managing director of Foresight Intelligence. He is also adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University's SAIS, teaching in its Global Risk program. Johannes is a non-resident fellow with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin. He was a PhD student with the Daimler AG's internal futures research division and wrote his thesis about the philosophy of science of future studies. He has more than 10 years working experience in the field of strategic foresight.

Oliver Read


Oliver is the former editor and communications manager at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), an international think tank based in Berlin. While there, among other things, he orchestrated the overhaul of the institute’s brand. Prior to GPPi, he worked as a web manager and editor for the Pew Research Center. Before Pew, Oliver was an associate editor at the PBS NewsHour. He holds advanced degrees in international relations from the Free University in Berlin and in journalism from Boston University.

Join Us

To grow our diverse and global team, we are always looking for passionate, talented people with expertise in social entrepreneurship and in issues germane to sustainable development, technology, and communication. We encourage people to approach us with their own ideas for how they could work with Ayla. Senior consultants, artists, project managers, technologists, freelancers, assistants, interns – feel free to reach out to us with a CV and a letter of interest (no more than 400 words) at join@forayla.com.

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